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      Thanks Rekanos! Though to be fair although I have handled 99% of the coding, I do have 1-2 others focusing on writing lore.

      So far the plan has been to do what others did but (hopefully) better, however, I am open to ideas if they don’t break the general principles I am trying to follow and are worth it to implement.

      – The game does not hold your hand.
      – Monsters don’t just chase you for 100ft
      – Quests are not highlighted for you on a map
      – Players are forced more often than not to socialize/group together. However, a few classes may have the benefit to play solo.
      – A placeholder / named system that makes it worthwhile to plant your group down in a particular area of a dungeon for a chance at rare loot.
      – Raids that may require more than just 20 people to complete
      – Travel is not going to be fast unless you have a buddy who can port you. Traveling on boats between continents will be a thing.
      – Epic weapons

      To be honest, I’m trying to pull a lot of concepts from older MMORPGs, such as EverQuest, Asheron’s Call, etc. Given my familiarity with some of those games I have been able to knock out a lot of features that would have otherwise taken me months to both design and code. For example, in a two week period I was able to knock out stackable items, coins that can be picked up by the cursor, restrictions between which skills can be active at the same time, a compass that renders N/W/S/E based on your sense heading skill, invisibility/see invisibility spells, as well as a few bug fixes (Specifically, I’m referring to the changes made in version 0.2.0).

      That being said, I do want to slow down after I have the first set of features from our road map implemented and really think about how I want to “finish up” the rest of the game. I definitely want the game to create nostalgia for those who played older MMOs, but I don’t want to simply recreate those games. At the same time, I don’t want to venture too far as I’m trying to recreate the feeling of older MMOs where you’re forced to explore and learn the zones, dungeons, regions etc.

      Some thoughts I’ve had are to introduce a mercenary system, somewhere between what EverQuest had and MacroQuest’s “Killians” plugin, which allowed you configure the specific % and conditions for your healer to react. For example. group heal if at least 3 players are below 50% but single target heal the tank if they drop below 70%. However, a lot of my motivation there is to provide a way for folks to still play and experience content if the game is not able to yield thousands of players. Such a feature would likely break the principle of players being forced to socialize/group together, so it may be something I introduce temporarily until there is a healthy player base.

      If you have any specific ideas that you would like to see, feel free to post about them and I can see whether the idea will fit in with the overall plan/theme of the game. If it does and I like the idea, I can get it added to our road map 🙂


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