Funkhouse Database Framework

Feature List

  • Connect to MySQL databases directly from Unity.
  • Create your database tables with simple to use annotations.
  • Built on top of PetaPoco, a lightweight & thin ORM.
  • Repository classes that can be used to fetch/cache data.
  • All classes built with Dependency Injection & Inversion of Control in mind.
  • 100% of source code is included alongside compiled DLLs.
  • Usable in Unity versions which support .NET 4.0+, including most experimental builds (2017.1+, 2018.1+).
  • Tested with Windows, MacOS, and Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) builds.

Note that this plugin is not intended to be used in player facing clients. By including your database credentials, hackers can decompile your code and access your database directly.

Instead, this is more intended for use by authoritative headless servers which may need direct access to a database.