Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly are you trying to do?

After an ever-longing search for a classic feeling MMORPG, I am trying to build a game that bring players back to the feeling of 1999. This site was primarily created to share some of the technical challenges I have faced, the current status of the project, and to gain feedback about the current implementation and features folks would like to see.

How big is the team?

Outside of the banking feature and a few other contributions, most of the development has been handled by a single developer so far. To be fair, we do have a few folks contributing to the lore and world design.

When do you estimate the project will be completed?

To be honest, this is a project that was started in May of 2015 and has been something that I have been working on in addition to my normal day job. In the past two years things have really ramped up, with multiple changes being contributed per week. On average we have about 20-40 hours of development going into the project.

That being said, my goal is to have something playable by 2024. If we can get more folks contributing to the project then there is a good chance we would have something ready earlier.

How can we help make this project a reality?

Eventually I will be creating up a content management site that will allow for users to submit data, such as Factions, Items, Spells, etc. Once I have reached that stage it would make sense to pull in folks that would like to flex their creative prowess.

Although I don't have a formal process for contributing, if you feel that you have something to offer please make a post in our forums or reach out to @Fanoen directly.

Note that I currently have a hosted test server that is updated whenever changes are made to the game. I also have a custom launcher for both MacOS and Windows that will keep your player client patched as changes are made. Once I'm done with the current set of features I will be looking for a small set of folks to test and provide feedback our project (from the gameplay mechanics, to whether it's "classic" enough).

What will be the name of the MMORPG?

After all of this time I haven't really settled on a name yet. I was considering The Neverending Quest but ultimately decided that I don't want to be sued by Warner Bros or Daybreak Games. Given the amount of work still ahead, I'm not yet stressing hard on figuring out the name. If you do have any naming suggestions, feel free to post them in the forums!